Whore Couture Fair 3!

Yay! It´s  the first time I am participating in the Whore Couture Fair so I am sooo excited! This is the third season of the great event where you can find the most sexy, slutty and girly fashion wear. 
This event runs from 1st to 31st March, and there are lots of stores participating, most with new releases!

At Luas´stall you can find some new releases, and a dollarbie for just 1 Linden! I hope you like them and enjoy the fair <3

Taxi to Whore Couture Fair

* Anette Hat & Legwarmers: I made this on Blender, and I hope you like them! They are simply but cute, copy and modify so you can adjust the sizes. Available in 4 colors for just 50 L$ each.

Skin: Essences Emma peche
Hair: Lelutka Cheryl
Clothes: Luas

* Enelya Dress: super sexy dress pack! Includes alpha, belt, dress, appliers for Lolas Tango and hud for change the color. 6 colors in the pack! Only 175 L$

Left: Skin Al Vulo Berry sunkissed / Hair Tableau Vivant Sabra Hair
Right: Skin Wow Chantal / Hair : Exile

* Latex Strings: super sexy strings, perfect for the beach or use as lingerie. Includes clothing top and pantys, appliers for Lolas Tango, Phat and Cute azz. Available in 2 packs, with 5 different colors each. 75 L$ each pack
Left: Skin Al vulo Berry sunkissed / Hair: Truth
Right; Skin WoW chantal / Hair Wasabi pills

* Whore collar: just a dollarbie for just 1 Linden! Perfect to mix and match with your favourite outfits. Copy & modify

Skin Al Vulo Berry sunkissed
Hair: Tableau Vivant Sabra Hair


Helena Crowns and Tarna new colors


I ´ve been practicing in blender to make this crown.. is simply but  I think it doesnt look bad at all! So its available now in my store for just 50 L$ in a complete pack, with 4 colors included: black, golden, silver and rusted. I am practicing and learning every day so I hope to finish more stuff soon!

In addition, I added more colors to the Tarna outfit, as many customers asked me for. So now is available too in purple, black and emerald. I hope you like them!

Skin: Essences Emma peche
Hair: Truth

Skin Al vulo berry sunkissed with red lip tattoo
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodita

The Feeling event!

The Feeling is a new event organized by some bloggers & designers which runs during 10 days! Each participant store will release a new item for the event with special price, and its themed! 
For this first round, the theme is the music, so Luas is offering a new releases inspired on it!

* Gansta Caps gacha: they are available in a  gacha machine in the garden zone, for only 50 L$ each play. Inspired in hip hop and rap style, there are 6 commons and 2 rares. I hope you like them!

* My Glam Clutch: as it´s name says.. inspired in Glam! with chains, jewels, shimmer.. perfect for your saturday nights! Available in red, pink, purple and blue.  Only 50 LS each!

Taxi to The Feeling event!

Skin: Al Vulo Berry sunkissed with red lips make up
Hair: LeLutka Cheryl fades
Hands: Slink


Amor Chains

Hi hi!

St Valentine´s day is near, so this round of the 25 L Tuesday was special, because many items are inspired in this day to celebrate love!

So Luas is offering this super sexy outfit with chains, perfect to tease your lover, master, mistress, boyfriend, girlfriend... Includes harness, belt, and cuffs with sirik! Its carefully decorated with lot of hearts to show your love; and its available in golden, black and silver. Only this days you can get it for just 25 L$ in my store in world, normal price will be 99 L$

Skin Al Vulo berry sunkissed
Hair Wasabi pills kira Rare (gacha)

Fantasy Room!!

Do you remember the Gorean Room? It was running since two years ago, and we are proud to say it was one of the first room events focused in fantasy and gorean items. But it was the time for a change, and we was working hard to improve the event! 

Now is montly event, and the name is the Fantasy Room! Cause you can find not only gorean but fantasy, medieval and roleplay items. Now all the items there are new releases and you can find gacha machines too! The prices are the same; 50 or 70 L$ so you can get new goodies for amazing prices! There are 25 participant stores, and you can find outfits, accessories, props, furniture, poses and more! It runs from 5 to 25 of each month so you still have time to visit the event!

For this first round, I designed this Cerridwen dress, perfect for fantastic and medieval women. Includes mesh dress, necklace, belt and tiara, and its available in black, mauve and blue. Only 70 L$ each there!

Taxi to Fantasy Room

Skin Essences Emma Peche
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite


New outfit, perfect for medieval and gorean women! Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, fur shoulder pads, bangles and tiara. Available in black, red and purple for just 150 L$ each!

Skin: Essences Emma peche
Hair: Truth Genesis

Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Again, I ´ve been a bit lazy to update the blog.. so I will try to post today all the new releases until now!

First, lets start with the third edition of the amazing Fantasy Gacha Carnival event. It started on February first and runs over all month.. so if you didnt visit it yet, you still have time! Be sure you don´t miss it, cause this round there are a bunch of great stores participating, lots of gacha machines and the prices are amazing too! Only 75 L, 50 L or 25 L per try. 

For this round, I designed some jewelry pack! The Aaliyah jewels are inspired in belly dancers, and perfect to show the beauty of the female body. One gacha has the skirts and harness, the ones with wolf and hawk are the commons (available in golden, copper, metal and silver) and the ones with dragon and coins are the rares, and comes in black and golden. The other gacha has the bracelets, perfect to wear with your SLink hands and to match with the harness and skirts. The commons are the wolf and the hawk, and the rares are the ones with dragons and tiaras! Only 50 L$ per try in each gacha!

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin: Al Vulo Berry Sunkissed (with red lipstick)
Hair: Lelutka Maleficient Fades