Dely Camisk: new for curvy sexy girls!


And this is the last release at my gorean & fantasy store; this sexy outfit for gorean and bdsm slaves, perfect to show your super sexy curvy body!
Includes 3 camisk (one with ropes and 2 with ropes and camisk in 2 different colors), appliers for Lolas Tango, Phat Azz and Brazilia, belt, cuffs with Sirik and Necklace Open Collar scripted! 
During today, you can still  get it at my store in world for just 25 L$ (for the 25 L Tuesday) but normal price still will be a steal...just 120 L$ and you get a bunch of stuff to mix and match!

Skin: Al vulo berry sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills

New for Suicide Doll event!


For this round of the Suicide Doll event, Luas is offering some dresses pack with hud!
Each pack comes in 6 colors, one with plains, and other with funny colors. You can get them for now only there, for the special price of 100 L$ each pack only! So don´t miss them! You can have 6 dresses in one!

Taxi to Suicide Doll event!

Skin: Essences Emma peach
Hair: Lamb Zelda
- Rigth:
Skin: Wow Skins- Chantal
Hair: Chemistry Sirena

News news... Urban!!

And another quick post to show you the new releases at my urban store. Most of them were available in some events, but actually you can get them at my store in world or in marketplace. I hope you like them!

* Yali Dress: includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and hud for change the textures. It´s available in 2 different packs, one in basic colors and other in funny colors. Only 150 L$ each pack!

- Right: 
Skin Al Vulo berry sunkissed
Hair: Lelutka Lorella
- Left:
Skin Al Vulo Virginia Sunkissed
Hair: Chemistry Sirena

* Noelia: super sexy outfit, perfect for curvy girls and appliers lovers. Includes panty and bra, and appliers for Lolas, Phat Azz and Brazilia. Available for just 70 L$ each at my store in world or in marketplace

Skin Al Vulo berry Sunkissed
Hair: La Viere Nadia
Skin Al vulo virginia sunkissed
hair: Wasabi pills

New news news!!!

Hiya all! I dont update the blog since.. december! So OMG, I hope you all had a great Christmas holidays, and you received a lot of gifts! 

So this will be a short post to show you all the new releases I´ve designed during this last weeks.. I hope you like them! Soon I will hope to be updating the blog at least..weekly lol. Sooo lets go!

* Atteneri outfit: Perfect for harem girls, tahari slaves.. etc. Includes mesh top, mesh pants, belt, bracelets, necklace and head jewel. Available in orange, green and teal for just 120 L$ each

Skin : Al Vulo berry sunkissed 
Hair: Wasabi pills

* Tarna: for roman, slaves, bonds, FW.. etc. Perfect for roleplay women. Includes mesh dress, belt, necklace, face mask and bracelets. Available in sky, grana and ivory for only 150 L$ each!

Skin Al vulo berry sunkissed
Hair: Lelutka - Aphrodite

* Gunnhild: perfect for bonds, vikings, northen girls. Includes mesh camisk, mesh socks & gloves, necklace Open Collar scripted, and mink scarf. Available in black, white, and brown for only 120 L$ each.

Skin : Essences Emma Peche
Hair: Lelutka- Lorella