Liva: new for Gorean RP!

I designed Liva for this round of the 25 L Tuesday... so that means... Only  today you can get it for just 25 L! 

Its perfect for bonds or panthers, all girls who want to be sexy and warmy with the perfect look. Includes mesh camisk in 7 sizes, belt, leg warmers, arm warmers, fur cloak and necklace open collar scripted. Is available in red, brown and black, and normal price will be 150 L, so run to the store and get it for this amazing price!

Dots Tights & Carmen Boots!

Hi there sweets!
A short post to show you the new releases at my urban style shop! 

*Dots Tights Pack: this pack includes tights (panty + socks) in 5 different colors: navy, black, brown, purple and teal. You can get it for as little as 50 L inworld or in marketplace. Perfect to mix and match with your fav dresses, skirts, shorts..

* Carmen Boots: non rigged mesh boots with studs, so you can modify the size! There are 5 colors to choose; some are more funny, like the green and the kawai styles, and others more chic, like the leopard black, the army green and the leopard one. 70 L each color, and includes alpha for a perfect fit!


Anita: maxi is IT!

Hi hii!

Now Im happy to present my lastest release: Anita. Is a maxi dress, but I texturized it so it can seem a maxi skirt with a top..all we want them in RL for sure..cause they are elegant and really really fashion!
The pack includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alphas for a perfect fit, and non rigged mesh belt (modify). Its available in 4 colors: black & coral, mint & white, pink & beige, and grey & stripes. Only 100 L each!

Dolly Dress: i love vintage!

Dolly dress is the new outfit, inspired in vintage and pin up coutures! The pack includes this lovely mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha for a perfect fit, lace shirt and panty. Available in the top 3 colors of this spring : mint, nude and coral. 100 L each color. Hope you like them!

New Cute shirts at Luas urban style.. and a free gift!!!

Hi sweets!!

This weeks I ´ve been so busy designing clothes for my casual store, but I will design more gorean & fantasy clothes soon..I promise! <3.

Now Im going to show you the new super cute shirts available in the store. They are mesh and includes alpha for a perfect fit, and 5 sizes. 4 colors available for just 40 L each!

And this one, with the same style but with the UK Flag, is a group gift in my store in world! Only there you can get it for just 0 Lindens, so go there..join the group and take it! there is a scarf for free too, and a lucky pannel to play :)


And something new for Gor.. Destroyer!

Destroyer is a super sexy and savage outfit for panthers and bonds, but it may work for outlaws too if you add some modesty shirt and a pant! Includes mesh skirt in 4 sizes, mesh arm warmers in 4 sizes, alpha, leg warmers, top, applier for lolas tango mesh breast, collar and face paint tattoo. You can get it since now and during all tomorrow (Tuesday) at the 25 L Tuesdays for just 25 Lindens. Normal price will be 175 L so dont miss this bargain price! Its available in brown and black.

New Boots: Kate!

Hi sweets!

Now you can find this new release boots in my urban style shop. They are non rigged mesh (so you can modify), with leather and studs (I have ones in RL pretty similar to the black ones xD). Available in 4 colors : pink, black, brown and oxblood, for just 100 L each!


Rania: special outfit for St Patricks day!!

This silks are special for St Patricks day, and only during today and tomorrow (Saturday and sunday) you can get it for just 30 L (30 L Saturdays). Includes sheer sculpted top (works with lolas), skirt, bracelets and hair accessory. 
You can find 2 outfits (not new but still cute) in my store at 50 % OFF Sale too, so dont miss to visit my store in world this weekend! 


And.. New Releases at Luas Urban Style!

A quick post to show you all the new stuff at Luas Urban Style. Remember, there are pieces of clothes to mix and match, for good prices! So dont forget to visit it inworld or in maketplace :)

*Pam Dress: super sexy mesh dress in 5 sizes, with alphas for a perfect fit. Made in leather and studs..modern, elegant...90 L each color!

*Meg Shorts: cute shorts in soft tones, made in wool warmy textures. Includes mesh short in 5 sizes, alpha, and a non rigged mesh belt (modify) with color changer! so you can chose betwen 8 colors! 60 L each tone of the short.

*Star Ugg Boots: super cute ugg boots with stars textures. Mesh, alpha included. 4 colors available for just 50 L each!

* Marta Leggins: now we are all wearing the navajo leggings in RL, so here they come in SL too. Normal clothing (no mesh), perfect to mix and match.. 5 patterns to choose for just 20 L each!

*My Phone Necklace: most of us have a smartphone in RL actually..so Its time to have it in SL too! This necklace with phone comes in 5 different tones..and the phone (not the necklace) have color changer so you can choose between 5 colors (pink, white, black, blue, purple). 50 L

*Basic Stripes shirt: basic shirt in clothing layers (shirt, jacket), and includes applier for lolas tango to use with the mesh  breast! In 4 basic colors (black, navy, red and pink) for just 35 L each!

New Stuff for Gorean & Fantasy RP!

Hi sweets!!
Again, there is many time I dont update the blog so Im going to do a couple of long post to show you all the news in both stores. 
First of all, I want to present the new releases at Luas, for gorean /medieval / fantasy RP. 
This time I focused a little in outfits with appliers for Lola´s tango mesh breast, cause many customers are actually asking me for that type of clothes.... and yes, I can´t say no to good ideas. So many thanks for all those you give me suggestions!

Now we go with the new releases:

*Helen: I designed this super sexy outfit for slaves, for the past 25 L Tuesday Round. Includes 2 camisk (normal and for Lolas), skirt, bangles, legband, applier for lolas tango mesh breast, necklace with chest, necklace short with open collar scripts. Now is available for just 99 L in 3 colors: blue, red and green. Hope you like them!

*Rania: This silks are sheer, with lots of flowers, perfect for cute slaves, fairies, elfs, glovin and other magical girls. Includes sheer camisk, applier for lolas tango mesh breast, skirt, bracelets, crown, necklace and anklets. Available in white, pink and red for only 150 L but........ If you go to the Gorean Room event, you can find the white one for just 50 Lindens! So don´t miss it there :)


New stuff at Luas Urban style!

Yesss more new releases for mix and match in my casual store!
Now Im going to show you a lovely clutch I designed this week, and a pair of boots perfect for raining days!

*Demi Clutch: this clutch includes animation and its available in 5 tones: black skull, leopard cross, starshine, pink strass and golden, for just 50 L each :)

*Its raining boots:
Its raining its raining splash splash splash splash...
And now you have the perfect boots to wear in those dark and raining days! The price is 70 L for each tone, and you can chose from: tartan, black snake, yellow, navy dots and pink camo. I hope you like them!

Eva: new versatile outfit!

Hi hi!!
There was long ago I didnt designed some of those versatile outfits I know you love xD ...and past week I decided to make one!!
Eva is perfect for bonds, slaves or panthers...even outlaws if you mix and match the pieces with a modesty and a pair of pants. Is veryy warmy, perfect for the winters or northen women, and includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alphas, mesh arm warmers in 4 sizes, scarf, boots, socks, upper socks and necklace. It comes in 3 colors to chose: brown, black and beige, for just 150 L!


New Releases at Luas Urban Style: New Blazer & Harem pants!

Hi there sweets!

Today Im going to show you a new stuff I designed for the Urban Style line of Luas. 
Miranda Blazer is perfect for the coming spring, so it comes in intense colors and with studs (yes, I love studs too!). Each pack includes the mesh blazer in 5 sizes and alpha layer for a perfect fit. Its available in coral, pink, yellow, navy and red, for just 60 L each!

And now, we go with the Batika pants. They are inspired in the famous "pajama" pants of RL, and its made with different colors and patters so you can wear them with your own style. 
Pants are mesh, so every color includes 5 sizes and alpha layer. Available in black, ethnic, teal and dots patterns, for just 40 L each!


Lady Basic Pack : Veils & Scarf!

Some days ago, a customer asked me for some veils & scarf pack for BTB gorean FW. I think is a good idea, as many outfits dont include veils and all gorean southern free woman need to wear correclty... So I decided to design them in basic colors, easy to mix and match with all type of outfits. Each pack includes head veil, face veil and scarf, and its available in white, brown and black colors! 50 L only

I hope you like them..and Thanks dear customer for your idea!!

Ariadne: new outfit for slaves!

I  designed this outfit for the 25 L Tuesday ´s round, so that means today you can get them for just 25 L! 
It´s inspired in roman /greece slaves, but I personally think it will look perfect like a working slave tunic. Includes mesh tunic in 5 sizes, carefully designed with 2 colors and stitches, alpha layer for a perfect fit, non rigged mesh belt, bracelets and necklace. 
It´s available in 3 colors: purple, red and blue, and normal price will be 99 L... So save many money by purchasing them today!

Sara: new mesh pullover!

Hi sweets!
Yesterday, I spending time designing this new mesh pullovers, made in wool textures and with a bit ethnic style. They are inspired in RL pullovers, I have them similar in RL and they are sooo warmy and easy to mix and match: a jeans, a pair of boots, some cute necklace...and ready to go to the street! Soo I decided to make them in SL too and I hope you like them!
Its available in 5 colors: beige, white, grey, green and black, and each one includes 5 sizes and alpha.. for 50 L only in my Urban Style store :)


Urban Style : New releases!

And again, more new stuff to mix and match in Luas Urban style shop! 

This cute mesh shirts, based in RL actual fashion, are available in 4 different patterns (tartan, pink leopard, army and black) and includes 5 sizes and alpha to make them fit perfect. They are available for 40 L each one!

And now, I want to show you a new super cute necklace, available too for 40 L in  the Urban Style shop. This lucky elephant necklace is available in 5 colors: red, blue, pink, orange and yellow!

Vivienne: new release for slaves! - Gorean Room!

Vivienne is my lastest release for the Gorean & Fantasy shop line. 
Includes an elegant and sexy mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, bracelets and necklace open collar scripted. It´s perfect for pleasure slaves, and It´s available in 3 colors: blue, red and purple for 99 L at mainstore in world or marketplace.
The red one is available in this new round of the Gorean Room event for just 50 L (50% OFF Sale price!) so go there if you want to have it for this bargain price :)