Minerva - New for the 25 L Tuesday!

I´m sure this Tuesday I wont have time to update the blog and show you the new release in time..so Im going to post it now so you can see what will you get for 25 L this Tuesday!! 
I designed this sexy outfit for this next round of the fab 25 L Tuesday event, and includes mesh camisk in 7 sizes and 2 styles (normal or sheer), belt, chain bracelets, chain necklace, and chain legbands. It will be available in 3 colors: red, white and yellow ( yes, I made the yellow thinking of tavern slaves!)
So remember to go this Tuesday to my store in world to pick them at the amazing price of 25 L!

Glory: for low castes!!

I fell in love with that mesh skirt as soon as I saw it in marketplace, and I designed an outfit for low castes / peasants / medieval women. Glory was released for the past 25 L Tuesday´s round, for the amazing price of 25 Lindens! Now you can get it in my store in world or in marketplace for 150 L.. I think is a good price, because includes a lot of things: corset, mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, modesty top, appliers for Lolas tango to wear with the modesty top, sleeves, bracelets, scarf, hoodie, and sandals. Its available in 3 colors: burgundy, brown and green. I hope you like them!

Isadora: More colors and... Appliers for Lolas Tango!!

Hi hi!!
As many of my beloved customers asked me to make appliers for the famous Lolas Tango mesh breast.. I had to purchase that boobs and learn to make the appliers! Well..a good and lovely designer was helping me a lot to choose the boobs and teaching me how to make the appliers (Thanks hun! <3). 
While, another customer asked me to make more colors for Isadora silks.. so I made 3 more colors to this sexy silks (now is available in berry, black and green too) and there is a pack in my store where you can get the appliers for the boobs in all colors (red, blue, green, black, purple, berry), for just 50 L! 

Selma- for the Gorean Room Gatcha event!!

Hi there!
Again, It´s about a week without updating the blog..so I try to post fastly the new releases! 
I am actually moving to other house, and I designing in RL now xD (painting, buying furniture and things for decoration..) so I dont have many time actually to build new stuff here.. But I hope to find some time at least to design some outfit and probably in February I will be instaled  in my new flat so I will design a lot again!!
Well....First of all, I want to show you this outfit, Selma, designed for the Gorean Room. This round is a bit different; in the room there are many gatcha machines with the same outfit in different colors inside, so you pay and you get one outfit..but in a ramdom color! Items are transfer, so you can send it to a friend and continue playing to get more colors. It can be fun if you go with a friend :). 
The outfit I designed, Selma, is perfect for gorean and roman slaves. Includes tunic in 5 sizes, alphas, sandals, bangles and necklace open collar scripted. Is now available Only in the Gorean Room for 50 L, and there are 6 colors to choose. The copy version will be available in the store when the round finish, cause as many of you know, I use to sell copy / no transfer items..and this in the gorean room are just transfer but not copy. I hope you like them!!


Lydia: ethnic inspired

And here we go with my lastest release (for now xD). 
Lydia is an ethnic inspired outfit, so you can use it for wander in SL as for roleplay too (Gor, Roman, Greece based rp..etc). 
Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, bracelet, bangles, necklace and animated vase to wear with you and complete your look! All for the amazing price of 99 L! I hope you like them :)


Glenna is perfect for pleasure slaves, or even roman girls. Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, bracelets, bangles, belt, necklace and anklets. Is available in 3 colors: white, red and teal, for just 99 L!

Vero: for outlaws & bonds. Very warmy!!

As the tittle says, Vero is a very warmy outfit for outlaws, but can be used for bonds too depending in the way you wear it. Includes mesh vest in 5 sizes, alpha, shirt, long pants, bracelets, fur scarf and boots. 
I designed this outfit for the past round of the 25 L Tuesday, but if you didnt get it before, now you can do it in marketplace or in my store in world for just 150 L! 
It´s available in 3 colors: grey, beige & green, and brown. 

Debbie: a simply camisk!

Debbie is made in a simple line, btw, still sexy and sweet. Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes and 2 versions (dirty and clean), alpha, bracelets, belt, mesh scarf in 3 sizes and dirty tattoo for body & face. 
Is perfect for bonds, working slaves..etc. And you can use it for your RP: you look really amazing with your cute clean camisk, and your master ask you to clean the house...then you look all dirty!
It´s available in 3 colors: yellow, rose and blue, for just 75 L!

Anastasia: Tie me hard..

Hi huns!
Another time..there are days I dont update the blog..so today I have many work to do grr! But sometimes is really difficult to find enough time to design, upload the stuff to marketplace, RL and so on.. Well I start!
In this entry, Im going to show you Anastasia. I designed it for a past round of the 25 L Tuesday, and as It´s name says, is inspired in Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey. Includes mesh corset in 7 sizes, alpha, collar, cuffs for arm and legs and blindfold. Perfect to be really sexy to your Master! Now is available in 2 colors: red & black, for just 75 L!