Pot Girl- New Camisks!

Because not all are pleasure slave, this camisks are designed for that working slaves of the kitchens, the pot girls. Anyway is very sexy so you can tease your masters showing your body with this sheer camisk.  The skirt is decorated with a vase, a napkin and some cutleries. Complete your look with the hand and the leg cuffs and a lovely collar, scripted with Open Collar. The best? The price! You can get this amazing outfit for just 75 L, and there are 3 colors to chose: red, brown and white. Enjoy it!


Priscilla: New medieval Gown!

This lovely gown is perfect for medieval, gorean, Game of Thrones roleplay.. Includes shirt, pants, skirt, sleeves, necklace and sandals. Is available in three colors and you can get it for only... 99 L! Enjoy them ;)


Kalesi Silks with Flute!!!

Now we go with an ethnic style silks, not just for kajira. You can use them for Game of Thrones, native, Red Savage, bond, panther.. Includes top, skirt, bracelets, necklace, belt, earrings, legband and flute with animation and native sound. Only 150 L in my store or in marketplace. I hope you will like them!

Faith Silks...

I made this silks for the 25L Tuesdays of the 19 June, but anyway I decided to sell them before this event for an amazing price.. 75L!! I think they are elegant and sexy, just what you want to look perfect for a few lindens. Includes top, skirt and necklace. 

Constanza Silks

Uff some days I don´t post the news so today I have a lot of work to do here! Finally the Constanza silks are available for buy at my store, altought some of you got them before (in white color) by following my blog. I build them in 2 more colors (red and blue) and you can find the red one in the Gorean Room for just 50 L until 30th June. In my store, all them for 99 L. I´m sure you will look perfect wearing them for your master

Callera Camisk

Simply camisks, available for just 50L. Includes camisk, belt, bracelet, legaband and rope necklace with trunk chest (perfect to collect the money in your RP). I hope you like them!


Andromeda Silks!!

This silks are just sexy and elegant. Perfect for dancers and pleasure slaves, includes PG Top, 2 chain arness (with silks, without silks), skirt, anklets and bracelets. Only 99 L!


Lady of the Darkness: new gothic gowns!!

Lady of the Darkness is perfect for vampires, witches, medieval girls.. Very sexy and detailed, you will show your dark side by wearing it. Includes corset, sculpted top, skirt, pants, tiara, gloves and necklace. Only 150 L at my store in world or at marketplace. Don´t miss it!

SVPAP Project Rescue Event!!

1st June starts a new Event, SVPAP Project Rescue, to collect money for the Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants. This Animal protection association that welcomes in the moment 500 animals in its center between dogs and cats, is spending now one of the most critical situations of its history. 
Unfortunately, for clippings of budgets and debts of the Public administrations, a series of indebtednesses has been created with providers and workpeople. These debts have taken to the judicial route and there is no money to overcome to these expenses.
In the Room you will find many things for a cheap price: hair, shapes, skins, accessories, clothes for RP and SL, sculpts, textures and more.. All profits in this event will be donated to the association so the animals can continue living there.
For this event I designed a new pair of silks, Love my chicks. Includes top, skirt, bracelets, headband, necklace, sandals and animated basket with a nest with chicks. They move their head and chirp. Only 100 L. Get them if you like pets and you want to help this association!!

New for the Gorean Room!!

I designed a new camisk for the Gorean Room Event. Is fresh, in white floral texture, perfect for the summer. Includes camisk, skirt, legband with watering can, bracelets and hair flower. 50 L only since 1st June to 15th June!