Special Gift for Blog Followers!!

Hi friends! 
 I build a new pair of silks, in white color and with silver details, perfect for summer time. If you want to get this silks for free, is really easy: you just need to follow my blog and I will send the gift to you.

Follow this stepts to receive this gift: 
 1. Just get a follower of my blog (you need to have a Twitter, or a Google / Yahoo mail)
 2. Send a notecard to my inworld account in Second life (AinaraLuas resident) with the following things:
 -Your avatar name 
 -Your follower name. 
Don´t forget to add your follower name, so I can check if really you are following my blog. If you dont, I wont give the silks. Note must be named as: Follower Request- Your avatar name
 3. Wait a little so I can get the notecard and if all is right, you will receive your gift! 
4. This promotion starts 29th May and ends 15th June!!
 P.D- Please be honest. If you follow my blog, dont stop doing it as soon as you receive your gift.. Designers spend time designing the clothes, so please understand it. Use another follower name to get the gift is not allowed too. 
 Noww... start following me and get it!! 



Nahid Camisk!

A new release came out today, perfect for bonds and kajirae. Includes 2 camisks (mature, PG), skirt, anklets, bracelets and headband. Is available in red, purple and green, and you can find it in my mainstore or marketplace for just 99L. Hope you will like them!


Beggar Man

I designed this outfit because I actually roleplay in a sim named Port Kar but our language is spanish. Days ago Cos attacked Port Kar and they got the control of the city so my master had to hide and dress himself like a beggar so he can disguise the cosians :). I was looking for a poor rags for him..but I didnt find nothing so I decided to design it by myself. And here is the outfit! Includes jacket, pants, kilt, hoodie to hide your face, cloak, legwarmer and dirty tattoo for all your body. Only 99 L.

Farah Camisk Pack

Farah is perfect for working slaves. The camisk is simple but sexy and it comes in 3 colors (brown, teal, red) with the skirt in 3 colors too. Includes rope legbands and bracelets, and an animated bucket of water to wear in your head. Only 50 L!


Shells Kajira!

New outfit for slaves with shells. Perfect for summer and those girls who live near the docks. Includes top sculpt, skirt, and shells anklets. Only 75 L

Victoria Gown!

Inspired in a Victoria Frances picture, this dress is just perfect for medieval, fantasy, vampire, gothic roleplay.. Even gorean! Includes corset, panty, skirt, gloves and flowers crown. 150 L