Devotion Silks!

New Silks with a special price: only 99 L! Includes top, skirt, bracelets and anklets in two tones: silver and golden. Don´t miss them!


Giani: for the savage girl.

This outfit is perfect if your character is a taluna, mamba, panther, elf, na´vi..etc. Includes top, skirt, bracelets, necklace, legwarmers and face bone piercings. The price is just a sale: 99 L only! And you can chose between black or brown. Don´t miss it!


Lady Sasi: for the peasants of Gor!

Hi my lovely friends! Today I wanted to design something for the free women of Gor, cause the last weeks I only built stuff for slaves. And..here you have my idea!
Lady Sasi includes top, modesty, sleeves, pants, veil, 2 skirts (with apron or with belt), sandals and animated pitcher with milk to wear at your head. Only 150 L. Don´t miss it!


Glauca silks! New at store!

Perfect to have an elegant and sexy look. Includes sculpted top, skirt, bracelets, anklets and necklace Open Collar scripted. 150 L only. Available in red, blue, and white.


Ukungu Kajira!

Outfit for slaves inspired in the books.
"I unbound the two white girls and knelt them, frightened, in the canoe. They were bare-breasted. About their throats and left ankles were coils of white, pierced shells. About their thighs, now muddied, were brief, wrap-around skirts of red-and-black-printed rep-cloth, suitable garments for slaves. I thrust a paddle into the hands of each."
Explorers of Gor
Includes 2 necklaces (1 open collar scripted, 1 no scripted), shell ankle bracelet, 4 skirts (red&black, white, yellow, teal). Only 99L


Yuna Bond!

This time..for bondmaids! Or panthers if you want to use for that Character. Includes camisk, skirt, legwarmer, armwarmer, scarf and hoodie. Available in green, brown and red. 99 Linden Only!

Verso Silks!!

If you want to get a really sexy look..This is the perfect outfit! Includes top, skirt, bracelets and necklace Open Collar Scripted. Only 75 Lindens!


Black Egg Hunt is here!!!

Hi! This week (since 1st to 8th April) I´m participating in the Black Egg Hunt. Is a different hunt event: there are all new releases stuff with a little price: 30L.
For this event I designed one outfit for panthers or kajirae. Includes 2 skirts (red and brown), necklace in 2 colors, waist belt, bracelets and nipple piercings.
Hint: Look for a slave who usually serves paga. She wears a chest box on her arm to collect the money.

Good Luck!