Tahari Silks!

New silks are now available at the mainstore and marketplace! Just perfect for dancers and pleasure kajirae. Includes top, skirt, belly piercing, earrings, bracelets. 150 L. Available in red, white, blue and purple.


Cataleya: For Bonds, Panthers & Outlaws!

Today I wanted to get a hard girl look, so I decided to build this clothes for panthers and bonds. Some minutes ago, I thought I should rebuild the outfit for outlaws so I created a version for them too! Includes all you see (less skin, shape, hair..you know xD) and its available for just 150 L

Cataleya (for bonds / panthers):

Cataleya for Outlaws!:


Gorean Room 10th Round!!

A new gorgeous round of Gorean Room event is here! So I build this sexy camisk for this. Includes camisk, skirt (you can use it without top, showing your body), necklace, headband, bracelets and sandals. 50L Only!!


25 Lindens Love Shack!

Hi! Tomorrow is St Valentine´s day and we will celebrate a special round of 25L Tuesdays! So I designed this gorgeous silks for all beautiful slaves. Only tomorrow available for 25 L $! Normal price will be 99 L. So don´t forget to visit my store and pick them for this special price!


Dulce: for Panthers & Slaves

First I designed the silks, but I wanted to build something for panther in the same style. The details are different in each one, you can be the most sexy and elegant slave or a savage and wild panther girl. Choose yours!

Dulce Panther
Show your wild side with this super sexy outfit! In 3 colors: brown, reddish and dark. 150L

Dulce Silks
Available in three colors: blue, red and white. Bracelets and ankles have bell sound :). Only 150L

St. Valentine´s Day!!

St Valentine´s Day is near!! So I designed this sweet clothes and accessories with a special prize so you can gift your friends, girl or just what you want with this.

My Valentine Camisk
In 3 colors, only 50 L. Includes a belt with many sweet details for this special days! Available in teal, red and brown

Sweet Temptation Backpack
As its name says..many sweets inside the bag to have a fun RP! Only 50L

And for ladies..

I didnt forget all the free women of Gor! I wanted to build something for northen girls, outlaws..
Even you can use it for fantasy and medieval rps, or Game of Thrones! Here are the newness for that free women:

You can show your body or go totally covered with this functional gown, to wear it like bond or free women. Is available in blue, pink and brown and the prize is 150L

Perfect for she urts, wandering girls.. Like Ximena outfit, you can go more covered or just showing your beautiful skin. 150L. Available in blue or purple

Silks and more silks!!

Well I love to design silks.. Many combinations are possible and I can add lots of details to make them look cute and sexy. Check out all this!

Silks of Desire
You will look really sexy to tease your master with this silks. In 4 colors (red, blue, purple and white) and for 150L

Passion Silks
With a special price...Only 50L. You can look just perfect for few money. In 3 colors: red, purple and blue

Godness Silks
Im in love with this silks..I think they look good and I decided to continue with the normal price on them.. 150L. You will look really elegant and sexy. Perfect for dancers and pleasure girls. Available in purple, red or white

For panthers & bonds

A few days ago I decided to design something for panthers or bonds, in a cute and sexy style. So I built this outfits, Marlena and My djembe, for both roles. I hope you like them!

Includes body paint tatto and all you see in the picture, available in three colors: brown, red and blue. And..Only 150L.

My djembe
For the most savage girls, this super sexy outfit! Includes a djembe musical instrument with sound and animation! Very fun for your RP, I am sure you will enjoy playing this with your sisters! Only 150 L, and available in savage, red and green.

My first Post!!

Hi friends!
This is my new blog. I always wanted to have some cute and vintage and finally I found this amazing template..It´s just my style! I hope to post all my news here and you can make comments about my designs and more. I´m always happy to receive new ideas to design in Second Life.
In the next posts you will see the news at my store.